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Colour seperation for screen printing

Recreating an image on either paper or clothing might be a skill you've never given much thought, luckily Goldfinch are specialists in this area. With over 20 years experience we can make sure your artwork is reproduced in the best possible way.

This is an example of turning artwork into screenprints.

Central Station approached me to help turn some of their iconic artwork into screenprints for the exhibition. Central Station are legendary for their artworks and if you are from a certain generation then you know their work already.. even if you don't know they did it.

The " FaƧ Off - A Central Station Retrospective" Curator Richard Goodall notes, "Central Station's work is widely accepted as amongst the most influential; they inspired a generation of artists, designers and music fans and helped define the infamous 'Madchester' era."

The challenge was to create large screen prints from a photograph of artwork including 'Wrote for luck', 'Bummed', 'Carlos the Jackal', Madchester and more. The original artworks are massive paintings so I was working from photographs. Luckily the photographs were excellent and gave me all the detail I needed. You can use various programs to create separations but unless you understand screenprinting you will only have limited success. I used photoshop and all manner of cut, paste, copy, paint & much more manual techniques to arrive at the finished prints.

Working with Pat, Matt & Karen was great, they are very thorough and have an amazing eye for detail. Also being a huge fan of their work and the music they portray gave me a 'top buzz'.

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